Goldsprints FX – Skinning System (Alpha Version)

I worked on the skinning system tonight. Users now have the ability to use three custom backgrounds in the application. These are loaded at run time. Just drop them in a special directory, make sure you name them correctly (backgrounds1.png, background2.png, background3.png) and Goldsprint FX will import them. For a demo I create three backgrounds to show the import capabilities. Two of the screens are the same actually but you should get the idea.

Here are the two screens I created tonight for the demo. I created a custom Goldsprints FX graffiti logo with some bicycle art. Then I added logos since many clubs are sponsored and give swag out at events. I pulled the brick wall image on the right off the web and scaled it to my needs, did a little levels on it and cropping work to it at 800×600. Final Photoshoped image on the left.

background1 background2

See the following screen shots after the screens above have been put into the application via the skinning system.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10 Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10 Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10

Here is a screen shot of the window expanded like it might be on a netbook with a resolution of 1200 x 600 or greater. Kind of a nice effect to it.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10

And finally here is a new video of the application skinning system as of tonight and a quick race.