Testing on Ubuntu 9.10 a Success

I finally got my Ubuntu issues figured out. I had installed serproxy 0.9.2 instead of 0.9.3. Grrr. You don’t want to know how many hours I have spent trying to figure out why I couldn’t connect to serproxy. But that is behind me know. Really I’m okay now…. I am happy to say that on both Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix and the full version of Unbuntu 9.10 with Goldsprints FX installed runa just fine. It is literally a 2 minute process to install and start a race. I couldn’t be happier. Here are just a few screen shots from Goldsprints FX running on Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

Goldsprints FX - Ubuntu Netbook Remix Goldsprints FX - Ubuntu Netbook Remix Goldsprints FX - Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Also, I guess I did to mention it but I am developing on OS X so no issues there. I only need to get my hands on a Window machine to confirm everything is okay there.

5 thoughts on “Testing on Ubuntu 9.10 a Success”

  1. Also I have a ubuntu 9.10 running apache php and mysql. here where I staying.
    And of course my website is running on linux if running live on the internet is a thought

  2. Ah, okay. When I release the beta that would be great if you can test GFX on the windows machine. I am only running Ubuntu and OS X in my house so I can’t really testing on Windows. We do have one Win XP machine but the power adapter just went out.