CycleOps or Kreitler Rollers?

Black and Gold SetupI was just poking around the web looking at rollers again. I was pretty dead set on the Kreitler 4.5 rollers. But now I see that the Black & Gold out of Pittsburgh is using the CycleOps rollers. See the photo from the Black & Gold site to the right. Those are the CycleOps rollers for sure.

That is now two clubs (Black & Gold and the KC Sprints group) that are using the CycleOps system. As I mentioned below the CycleOps uses the 3.5 inch drums and they are an inch smaller than the Kreitler system I was looking at.

I sent the fine people at Black & Goldan email asking how they like the CycleOps system. My local show shop carries the CycleOps so it would save me from ordering anything online and support my local shop. If Black & Gold comes back and says they are happy with their system I might have to take a second look at the CycleOps system.

Here is what uNkY jOIns said when I ask him on flickr about the CycleOps rollers

The rollers themselves work fine, but we had to build box platforms to mount them onto when we are at an event. This helped a lot with the wobbliness of the stage and drunkards getting on and off. The boxes were incorporated after seeing the Coldsprints crew in MPLS setting up in a similar fashion.

Here is a photo of the KC Sprints setup on the left. You can see the boxes they built for their rollers. Then on the right is the Black & Gold setup. Their boxes are a little different. I think they encased the frame of the rollers into the boxes but I can’t tell for sure. Maybe I can get someone from Black and Gold to swing by and comment.

So now I am on the fence on what rollers to buy. CycleOps or Kreitler?

UPDATE: Brad from Urban Velo and Black & Gold told me today that he can’t say anything bad about the CycleOps rollers. Check out what he said,

The CycleOps rollers are cheap and work just fine for me, I see no reason not to use them. So far so good, no problems at all.

I have since updated the setup and sandwiched the rollers between two pieces of OSB, keeping the setup enclosed and cleaner looking, along with providing a platform for people to stand on and swing their leg over the pretty tall contraption. Equipment wise things have been just fine.

3 thoughts on “CycleOps or Kreitler Rollers?”

  1. At a Demo in Laguna beach this past year, we had exhausted people almost fall over using the CycleOps without a platform, so it means you NEED something to bolt it down to. Which also means you need a truck to transport it all. The other thing I didn’t like about CycleOps vs. Kreitler is the joint. CycleOps uses a weak piece of metal, and Kreitler uses a bolt.

    In SLC we had the regular Kreitler rollers with a massive platform, they were great, but the truck part was a royal pain. Now we have the goldsprints edition rollers, and we can transport everything in the backseat and truck of any car.

    So in short, if you ever plan on moving these things and don’t own a truck — buy the Kreitler’s goldsprints edition rollers. Otherwise get the other kinds and make a platform.

  2. That is a really good point about the stability of the Kreitler Goldsprint system. Easy transportation is very nice like you mentioned. The problem with the Kreitler system for me is they won’t sell it in single bike configuration as you need to expand your setup. Unfortunately I can’t shell out the full $999 for the two bike systems right now. If they sold it in single bike additions I think they would sell more. It is going to be a month of two before I can get two rigs. But I need to test my software now. I am sure that might not be the case for others. But I but others might like to add 3 bikes instead of jump right away to four.

    But for the CycleOps I am going to try and create a system similar to the Kreitler OpenSprints system with braces across the frame first. If that is not good enough then I will go for the full platforms. But I have an idea for building them so they are transported in two parts and connected on site.

    But in the end I am sure my experiments will cost me what a full OpenSprint system is at $999. If I had the money now I would go for the full Kreitler OpenSprints setup. It is a proven winner.

    If anyone else is looking at getting their Goldsprints club up and running make sure you help Jon and the rest of the OpenSprints team out but buying the Kreitler OpenSprints setup from their website. Here is the link:

  3. Thumbs up from us for the convenience of the Kreitlers. We even got a road case made to hold 4 Kreitler race stations. It works really well in fact there’s space enough for lights, projector, laptop and other junk we need for an event… and helps keep us organised. The bikes we just throw in the van alongside the case, with the projector screen frame.

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