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I ordered my roller on Monday from Rassy’s. Getting my hands on the rollers is the final part that will allow me to get a small group of people beta testing Goldsprint FX. Assuming my rollers coming in by Thursday I will be able to give Goldsprints FX a good testing this weekend. If all works out well then I don’t see any reason that I can’t start to get Goldsprintn FX is the hands of a few people that would like to help beta test. Right now I have a very high tech testing system since I don’t have my own rollers. You can see a photo of this setup in the post titled High Tech Training Roller Simulator. But don’t laugh it actually works pretty good with top speeds hitting around 90 km/h.

To get in on the beta testing please follow these instructions:

  1. Look for the Register link in the side bar right below the login form.
  2. Enter a valid user id and email address.
  3. I need to approve your account to make sure you are not spam.
  4. After you have been approved you will get an password emailed to you.
  5. Login and update your profile and you can change the password to something you can remember
  6. Wait until the beta is ready for download. Only approved registered users will be able to download the beta.

You should also consider signing up for email notifications via Google’s Feedburner service.
The Feedburner form is at the top of my sidebar on the right. When I post updates you will get an email notice and link back to the site. This is how I will release the beta updates so it is good to stay connected.

While you are waiting on the beta to be release check out the FAQ page. Also, you will also notice that now the Downloads page is not accessible until you are logged in.

Thanks for considering to help beta test Goldsprints FX. Post a comment if you have any questions.

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