Goldsprints Clock-style Race Display

As of today six people have taken to the poll asking what race display they like the best in a goldsprint event. I was surprised that all six said the clock style face was their number one choice. Since this is not in the current version of the OpenSprint software, people must be using an old version. OpenSprints dropped the clock-style display a while ago. Maybe it will make a return in a future version.

Since the clock-style display seems to be the display of choice I am going to work on adding it this week. I will try to get it added as soon as possible and get a video up. In order to add the clock-style display I need to also add a new setting to allow users to select what display they way. That is actually the easy part. Another feature I will add is the ability to import a clock face so you can customize it to your liking. Getting the hands moving shouldn’t be that hard but keep your eye on the blog for more details.

5 thoughts on “Goldsprints Clock-style Race Display”

  1. Didn’t see the poll, but also a fan of the clock face. I built my own for a previous version of OpenSprints (Emerald Sprints here in Seattle). Had to practically relearn Trig to write the damn graphic function, but it wasn’t too hard. There was an official clock face running at some point later, but I still preferred mine. Never integrated the tournament features though so it’s sort of been unused for awhile.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. Greg, your modification to the OpenSprints software made me start to think that I would like my own front-end to their hardward. I guess you would say it was one of the things that inspired me to start the Goldsprints FX project. But I do not know Ruby so I made no attempt to use their code as a start or contribute to it. So I created Goldsprints FX in Flex (Flash). I knew very little Flex about a month ago. Just a little ActionScript. Now I love Flex! A great reason why is that I just wrote the functionality for the clock dial in 2 lines of code! The first line just initializes the variable. The second does the movement. This is how easy it was.

      // initiate the variable and make it bindable
      public var clockFour:Number = 0;

      // now let’s rotate it.
      riderOneDial.rotation = redTick/(raceLength/360);

      Now I just need to add a dial for each rider and add the option to show the clock face or show the bar graph and speed chart. I will post a video in the next day or two.

      1. My original sprints project was in Flash using a hacked PS/2 interface. The design was a cross between a “race track” interface, and those old school LED games. The hardware ticker didn’t have the resolution I was looking for though, so when OpenSprints started really picking up steam I was was stoked, especially when they printed the circuit boards so I could retire my wire-wrapped monstrosities.

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