Poll: What bike/size for Goldsprints?

Update: Okay it looks like you guys can’t add your own entries to the poll so I am removing it for now. Just comment on your bike and size if you want.

So it is time for a non application post. In addition to writing Goldsprints FX I am trying to get everything I need to run my own events. The whips are the last thing on my list other than finishing Goldsprints FX. Since I am doing this pretty much self funded without any partners at this point I am strapped for cash. But I need some bikes!

I have been looking around and I think I have settled on the Mercier Kilo TT. The price is right at only $350 for a complete build. The Kilo TT frame gets pretty good reviews as a budget frame. A lot of riders buy the Kilo TT frame and build it up to their own specs. The frame is steel so that is good. They come with a 38/16 gear ratio. I would only have to update the 16 to an 18 and have what I want to run my gear ratio at. The crank is the same one that came on my Swobo Sanchez and I have had no problems with it. Bottom line, the Kilo gets me in business right away at a minimal price. I can upgrade parts as needed. I just don’t think I need to drop $500-700 for a fixie that is just going to sit on the rollers. I thought about the EighthInch rides for $599 but component wise I just don’t see it being that much better if at all. If I was riding these around town, dropping off what-not and skidding all over the place I would look for something better.

So tell me if I am crazy or not for looking at the Mercier Kilo TT. For size I think I will go with 50cm. It has a stand over of 30.5. Their 47cm is a 39” stand over height.

This leads us to the question for today. You can enter your own responses so please take a minute to tell me what bikes and sizes you are running at your goldsprint events. Enter the bike/frame followed by the frame size. If someone has entered your make and size already no need to add it again. Just select their same one by click on radio button and submitting the poll.

Just make a comment with your bike/frame and size since other can’t add to the poll options.

6 thoughts on “Poll: What bike/size for Goldsprints?”

  1. Your sponsoring bike shop should open up some more wholesale cost options. Most event promoters get their bikes donated. Salt City Sprints LLC has Trek bikes courtesy of a local shop. Chicago has them donated by IRO. A bunch of folks use Soma.

    I would also highly recommend getting a bike with a flip flop hub. Pedaling backwards on a fixed gear will make the bike fall off the rollers, and depending on sensor position, damage your sensor. Pedaling backwards on a freewheel has no risk. But one thing is for certain, no matter how much you yell at people (especially drunk people) they will always pedal backwards.

    1. More thoughts:

      1) Go as big as you can on gearing. Not only does it look impressive, it makes it more challenging.

      2) Get small frames and big seat posts. That will accommodate small and tall riders.

      3) If people get serious there is a mechanical advantage to a smaller frame (and shorter chain), so to is best to just get bikes of the same [small] size to avoid the complaints.

  2. we used junkers for a while, but people complain at any small difference in frame design or angle, even if the gearing is the same matching new frames and wheels cut down seriously on the “that one is faster that’s why I lost” syndrome. hit up your LBS and whatever manufacturers you can think of. It took us a year to get sponsored bikes. eightinch frames are nice for the price, the build quality is better than the pake frames, the killo tt I’ve seen but not ridden. I very nearly bought a couple before I saw eightinch.

  3. I got email from the guys down at KC Sprints. Here is what they had to say about frames/bike for their club,

    “We started our setup with a couple of junker bikes with matching ratios (50×15). The races we threw with those bikes there seemed to be a lot of grumbling that one was faster than the other and the size of the frames didn’t lend themselves to be ridden easily but shorter folks.I think one was a 56cm and the other a 58cm. We were lucky enough to have eighthinch.com donate a couple of matching Scrambler frames, 55cm. Since then we’ve had no complaints about the bikes or that one was faster than the other. We use extra long seat posts that accommodate lots of sizes without having to have a different bike as a back up for shorter people.”

  4. Thanks jevoncarlson, I wanted to get the frame sizes info posted but I did not know you were from KCSprints either. uNkY jOIns said he had problems posting a comment to the website so I posted it for him.