Goldsprints FX: Full Clock Face Skinning

I think it was Pete from COG Magazine that asked why I did not make the race clock face fully skinnable. After some thought I took his comments to heart and implemented just what he suggested. I have uploaded a Photoshop file to the DOWNLOADS page that will allow you to fully skin the clock face.

Goldsprints FX now uses an external PNG file and places it over the clock face. By default this image will be a blank transparent PNG file. For those that do not want to use this option they still have the color settings available to them for the clock face customizations. For those that want more customization you can use the Photoshop file to make it look the way you want.

Here is a video of the a skin I created. I took the image from the current issue of COG Magazine so I hope Pete won’t be to mad at me.

If you are not familiar with COG Magazine please consider subscribing. I personally have never seen the magazine but if the website is any indication of the quality then it is well worth the $30 a year subscription.

2 thoughts on “Goldsprints FX: Full Clock Face Skinning”

  1. Check out the post on the Salt City interface I made for them. I think GFX is getting pretty sexy! Thanks for suggesting the full clock face skinning. It is always good to get feedback and suggestion on how to make GFX meet your needs. I am more than happy to add these feature for the final release.