Goldsprints FX – Custom Interface Example Video

This example is for Salt City Sprints club. It shows how the look and feel of Goldsprints FX can be altered to meeting your custom interface needs. The color is a little off due to the video compress but you get the idea.

On the opening screen I added the Salt City logo and two Specialized sponsor logos. The bar/speed display did not get any customization to it. The clock display did. Again their logo added with a small Specialized logo above it. Then finally the colors of the outer clock face was change to a lighter gray. I really like the silhouette of the crowd I added to the opening screen. I think it really sets it off. I think I will have to add that to the default interface.

You can check out Salt City Sprints LLC at

4 thoughts on “Goldsprints FX – Custom Interface Example Video”

  1. This is going to be awesome! World’s smallest critique – can you make the speed/time/distance stats on the right hand side so the digits to the right of the decimal are fixed length? Might make it easier to read/less busy. Just a thought.

  2. Ed
    Thank you for going the extra distance to improve everyone’s chance of running their own roller racing setup.
    a little update. I have two sets of k rollers with bicycles. and I also have two of the e-motion rollers. ( Check the website for more info.) I wanted to be able to allow people to be able to free ride the goldsprints with their own bicycle. I haven’t purchased the hardware from opensprints yet ( no money ).
    So if at all possible I would like to advertise on my website your product. I need to have two diffrent size graphics. A tower banner 120 X 600 to place on the front page. A another banner 216 X 156. I will place the tower into rotation at my website. Flash or animated is ok as well
    Dawg Runner

  3. Free riding would be a little bit of a problem. OpenSprints does limit the max distance you can race. If I remember correctly, I think on a 4.5 inch rollers it is limited to about 10-11 miles. I would have to do the math again to get the max distance again.

    Goldsprint FX currently limits you to 2000m. But that is only the limit I put on the distance slider in the Settings screen. I could make that larger but you will still be limited by the OpenSprints hardware.

    I have already thought of spinning off a training program using the OpenSprints hardware for my own roller training. I have some really slick things I want to do with this but Goldsprints FX will getting all the extra time I have at the moment.