Bug Fix: Distance & Time Display

I fixed a bug tonight around the way the distance and time was displayed when they ended with a double 00 in the decimal place. I love it! People are finding bugs and they don’t even have the beta in their hands yet!

Basically something like 23.00 was showing at 23. Visually it made the numbers jump and shift. Thanks to eLBy for pointing this out. It was a pretty easy fix but I did not do it in the way I was expecting in the end. Just the same, here is a video of the time and distance fix. It should not always show full two digit decimals.

Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Ed Husar.

2 thoughts on “Bug Fix: Distance & Time Display”

  1. Yes, agreed. Good eye and I am surprised that no one else mentioned it until now. It should be 3,2,1,GO. At the time it was just easy to do a cound instead of a count down. I will see what I can do tonight to reverse it.