Goldsprints FX – Projector Testing

I hooked up the Acer One to a projector I have in my, yet to be completed, home theater room. I plan to clean the room out this weekend and set up the two sets of roller in there and do some real testing with my Swobo on a roller. Here is a quick video running Goldsprints FX in the OpenSprints test mode.

I am not too happy with the way the Acer One netbook works when another VGA device is added on to it. I couldn’t get it to have two different screen. It would only do a mirror. Is anyone else using an Acer One for their sprints? What are you experiencing with a projector hooked up to it? Can you run two independent display? If so, what is the resolution of each display?

7 thoughts on “Goldsprints FX – Projector Testing”

  1. We use an acer travelmate and have the same issue, and worse, when we use the external projector (well, actually a splitter to go to a projector and a display in front of the bikes), trying to mirror to the local screen results in a badly synchronized and out of resolution image.

  2. It has video memory limits, and under ubuntu you can get dual displays going but only at dual 800×600. Make sure to hook it to the projector early at an event, it might take a couple of restarts to convince it to work. It runs smoother in mirror mode.

  3. Even at dual monitors at 800×600 on both the projector and the display things are not perfect. The projector is fine but on the Acer display the screen is black. Then you drag a window it leaves trails of the window that don’t refresh.

    I wanted to develop the race administration in a different window but now I am having second thoughts.

    But I wonder if anyone has tried an external USB video adapter? That might give higher resolution options and the extra video memory to make it work. You can get one for under $60. But I guess the question is will it work under Ubuntu. Pretty sure that OS X and Windows wouldn’t have a problem with an external adapter.

  4. What is your final resolution then for events on both the projector and the Acer?

    I played around with it a little more tonight. I was able to run 80×600 on my projector and then 10124×600. That was the best I could do.

    But I installed a GUI to the xrandr and it worked for me pretty good. I did not have to mess with command line at all.