Beta To-Do List is Complete, Almost!

If you have been checking the beta to-do list you should have noticed that I have everything crossed off as of about 5 minutes ago. Check the original post and list here:

Everything went pretty good with just a minor code change here and there. One of the items on the list was to display the time when a race is complete. Here are a few screens of the new display with the time added.

If you have not noticed, the color of the box and the text matches the racer color that is set on the Settings screen. In these three screen shots you can see what I mean. Also, note the winning time is shown now.

These first two examples show two racers in two races. the first is a race using the bar display. The second is using the clock display. The winner is the blue bike and text is set to white in both cases. In future updates, when the race management is done, the racer’s name will be displayed as well.

This example shows four racers. The winner is the yellow racer who has black text.

Other updates include fixing the way the Reset and Call It work. But I just noticed one bug. When the Call It is clicked the correct rider is shown as the winner, but for some reason the race bar are flip flopped so visually the bars are incorrect.

So there is still work to be done. Beta is close. Just a few things left that seems to only surface when I fix something else. I promise to not add anything new. Just bug fixes so everyone else can find these bugs!