Bikes Are On Order

I ordered my goldsprint whips tonight. After a few months of waiting and developing GFX, I will finally have everything in place to start goldsprint events in the greater Des Moines area and beyond. I am pretty pumped. I have already setup a test event for Feb. 20th. I plan to get about 12 friends together and work out the kinks. This will give me a chance to take photos and some video to promote future events.

I managed to get my hands on two new Mercier Kilo TT’s in a great looking gold flake. The gold was my first color of choice but they have not been in stock for at least two month. Just last week the strippers started showing up. These have no emblems on them at all. Tonight I placed my order for two 50cm whips.

They come with 48/16 gear ratio. I am going to upgrade right away to a 48/18 and run that for a while. I might change that up to a 50/15 but I want to see how the 48/18 feels on the rollers first.

Goldsprints on gold flake whips. Nice. I will swap out the bar tape for red and blue to signify the bike colors right away as well. Here are a few photos. If I am lucky they will arrive before next weekend.