First Live GFX Test

This coming Saturday I will be using Goldsprints FX in a live event. This will be the first test of the software in a real goldsprints event. As you know I have been testing the software over the past few weeks. The testing I have been doing is a race here, a race there using my family or myself as the racer. Never really testing with two real racers over numerous rounds of racing. Nothing like what you can expect in a real event. Hosting my first event will give me the testing I really need.

This should be the final testing before I feel good about an open beta. I should have 20 riders pretty easy. I am trying to keep the numbers low for the event but if I have a solid 15 people racing I will be happy. There will be no less than the top 3 bike clubs in the city in attendance. This is what I need to get people excited about goldsprints in my area. I am pretty excited and nervous with a few things to finish this week in order to be ready. I finally have all the goldsprints gear in place and running my events as Capital City Sprints. There is a bike update over at the Capital City website so stop over there and check it out.

One last thing, I am going to stream the event live on the web. If you want to know when and where you can watch the event post a comment here and subscribe to this post. If you want to watch the event go down live, I will comment back with the time and URL to access for the steam. It will be this Saturday starting around 7:30 PM.