Speed Calculation Bug

I am pretty sure my speed calculation is not correct. After looking at a few screen shots and video from Saturday’s event I decided to manually calculate the speed based on some of the racers display. Have a look at this screen shot.

The blue time was 19.078 over 400 meter. His speed was 74.77. That doesn’t seem right so I just broke down the calculation and if this is right then it is a bug that needs to be fixed.

400 Meters = 0.2485484768949336 Miles

19.078 Seconds = .005299444444444444 hours

0.2485484768949336 / .005299444444444444 = 46.900855268988417813259693384079 MPH

So assuming that is correct above his speed should be about 46.90 MPH not 74.77 MPH. This should be pretty easy to track down and fix. I have not tested the kilometer per hour to see if that is off as well.

I have gotten emails from several of you biting at the bit to start testing GFX. Sorry I have not replied. I have just been busy setting up my first event under Capital City Sprints for most of the last week.

Look for an update this week on the speed bug. After that I just need to get the beta to you guys. I am sure you will find more bugs or features you want to add.

3 thoughts on “Speed Calculation Bug”

  1. I have a quick update on this bug. Actually, it is not a calculation error at all. The display is saying MPH but it is really KPH. 74.77 KMP is 46.46 MPH. So the bug is just a switch in the display. Calc appears to be correct. I have have not cracked open the code to look at this. Maybe tonight or Wednesday.

  2. Good stuff. I found that I was showing kilometer per hour but marked as MPH. No one really payed attention to the speed last Saturday night. Only the guys that won even asked about it. Go figure. I will make the fix quick.