Beta is Ready

Okay, I spent a little time tonight working on the one bug that I am aware of. I did not fix it completely but it is okay for the beta. I am manually adding any official bugs to the Support page right above the form to in take features and log bugs. See the Support page for the updates.

There are currently 34 people that have signed up for the beta. I am pretty sure that a few of the 34 are spanners. A handful of you have commented on the blog so I know you are real people. I am going to get GFX in your hands before the others. Here is what I need each of the registered users to do. Log into your Profile and add your frist name and last name. Then in your bio section let me know what club, if any, you are affiliated with. I would also love to know where you are located. City and country would be great. The rest of the info in the profile is options. This will at least let me know you are a real person. I do have a members page that lists everyone out. It only shows your gravatar, nick name, and your bio. You have about a week to update your profile until I start to delete accounts. Also, as of tonight I have closed the registrations.

Keep in mind that you are not to share any of the upload files off your own site or distribute them. The only place you should get get GFX files is right here and you need to be signed up to do so.

As soon as your details are updated I will shoot you a link to the beta. After the initial week is up I will then post it to the download page so the rest of you can start downloading and testing.

Please log any bugs to the support page. Please don’t post them any other place on the site. I will delete them if they show up on the comments.

5 thoughts on “Beta is Ready”

  1. Hi Ed
    Can you send me the Beta? (or send me the link to it…)
    I need to do some testing of race rigs and OS gear this weekend, but need to configure bits on Thursday
    Let me know mate