Grudge Match Progress

It is a start…

This is the start of the grudge match feature in Goldsprints FX. Right now you can add names and sex to the roster, sort the list on both name and sex, and remove names from the list. I am having a hard time figuring out how I want to create the races from the roster list. Thus, both the check boxes and the arrow (>) buttons for each person on the roster.

6 thoughts on “Grudge Match Progress”

  1. Suggestions:

    1) Make sure you can fly through that form without a mouse, just using tab and hotkeys. For big events this will cause the audience to wait.

    2) To use precious down time, you should be able to add racers during a race without the audience knowing. This is something that would ideally be a separate window that was dragged over to a separate monitor. This would be a good place for “Settings” too.

    3) When someone gives up from exhaustion mid race, you have to disable them, but you don’t want to delete them — because they deserve to have their times on record at the end. How some is labeled inactive/disabled/eliminated has always been a source of confusion for the stock OpenSprints.

    4) It would be great if this form had an upload button so you could import a pre-registration csv or xml file. Ideally the pre-registration xml file would dynamically define the categories for the racers if there are no racers in the system or if the racers in the system have matching categories. If the categories don’t match, the user would be prompted to either use the existing categories, or the categories defined by the xml file. This also means people would need a way to quickly reassign categories for many users at once.

  2. I have some new updates. Uploading video right now. Good point on the tabbing. Right now it is just mouse clicks to get around. I will see what I can do for tab functionality.

    I did not make this in a different window but when I get the database added I hope that won’t be too hard to add. We will have to see.

    Yes, to the pre-registration ability.

    What would be examples of categories other than gender?

  3. For a grudge match only system, gender only is probably fine.

    The issue that I have been noticing in other cities is that the fastest male and female go to win all the events and prizes. This kills it for everyone else and attendance will start to decrease. So by allowing for different categories, like beginner, sport, expert, pro, etc.,… you create more opportunities for people to win (and half fun). Just watch out for sand baggers 😉

  4. Hi Ed
    System is operational on a Mac Laptop from my very basic testing – one station, one bike and pressing start. Diameter of kreitler race stations is 4.5 inches right?
    Hoping to do a fake race tomorrow with a few bikes setup.
    Now with regard to holding races (not just grudges), is there a plan to enter all riders names (the field of entrants) and a means of selecting them for specific heats as the races progress? This would be handy.

  5. Excellent news Alan! Yes, Kreitler is 4.5 inches.

    Yes, I am working on the system to enter names and create individual races. I should should make good progress tonight on this. When it will be ready for prime time I am not sure. There is a more current video of the race system. You can see it on this post.

    Keep you eyes on the blog for the latest news. Things are moving fast!