Rostering Feature and So Much More!

Here are some teaser screen shots of the interface changes that are coming in the beta 2 release. I have updated the colored racer boxes after some feedback from shaz in Beijing China. As far as I know shaz is the first person other than myself to use GFX in live event. Pretty exciting stuff. I hope shaz took some photos because I would love to see them!

Shaz mentioned that it was a little hard to see the text so I made some updates and adding in a new bolder font. I also increased the size for better viewing. As part of the roster features that are coming in Beta 2 you now see the racers names in the boxes as well. One the bar/speed display the racers names are also displayed on the bars. Their name moves with the progress of the bar. I am very happy with these interface changes and I think they really polish off the race displays.

The Settings screen has a make over as well. A little better layout and help functionality will be added soon. The green ? icons on the panels have a pop up help bubble. I need to write the help text but the functionality is there.

I put in a ton of hours this weekend working on the rostering. I am happy to say that it is fully functional. The rostering feature will changes the way racers are conducted from the beta 1 version. Just last night I was able to fix one of the issues that was causing me fits. Once I figure that out the the rostering feature works 100%. Video coming soon with the next beta maybe mid week!