Goldsprints FX in Beijing China!

Wow, this is so cool. Shaz used GFX last weekend in an event in Beijing China. Who would have thought that something like GFX would make it halfway around the world. Here is a photo from the event.

Goldsprints FX in Beijing China!

If you look between the two riders you can see GFX on two displays. Very cool! There was also media on hand for the event and you can read about it at I used Google Translate to read the article. Here is a direct link to the English translation.

If you have any photos of GFX from your event please share them with me. These are the little things that keeps the development going!

2 thoughts on “Goldsprints FX in Beijing China!”

  1. Google’s english translation is pretty funny…

    Quote – Dongcheng District, five battalions by the federation with Iraq flies the spring (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly organized a bike, “low-carbon Life International Exchange Council” began.

    The event was for an opening of a fixed gear shop in Beijing – nothing to do with the federation with Iraq !