Rostering Feature Progress Video

Things are moving along on the rostering feature. In this video I prepopluated the roster to save a little time. There are lots of changes but here is a quick break down.

You can now add any number of racers to a race. GFX will now adjust the race display to the number of racers you have add to the current race. Max racers are set in the Setting screen. If you set your max to 2 racers you can’t race more than 2 to a race. This is different than the current beta 1 work flow. Full sorting on the roster list on any field is available. Also, races are removed from the race list when they are completed. Names now show on the race bars as well.

On another note, it looks like I will be able to offer two different windows for quick update to the settings. Also rostering changes can be handled in the future from a different window. Jonathan has been asking for this since early development. I have not developed anything yet related to multiple windows. I did see a Flex example of two app communicating so I am pretty confident it is possible. This will allow you to keep the race window up without letting the audience see you making roster changes or adjustment to the Settings screen. Petter presentation and user/racer experience. This will not be available in the beta 2 unfortunately.

There is still work to do on the rostering system before beta two. Right now my to-do list is as follows.

  1. Unique names on roster only.
  2. On the winner screen add a button to allow next race without going to the roster screen.
  3. Load the entire roster into races in a random order. After all racers are entered one click and ready to go is the goal.
  4. When Serproxy times out due to no activity launch an Alert message instead of jumping to the main display.
  5. Save roster and results to database.
  6. Add a result screen so you can display the top dogs (times) to the audience.
  7. Give ability to name the events and save those events to the database. This will give the ability pre-roster an event for cases when people RSVP online prior to the event.
  8. Show wins and loses for the current event for each racer.

I think that is my full short list before beta 2 release. But when one thing gets fix or added another breaks so you never know.