Clock Face Updates

I got an email this week from the guys at Rollapaluza. Rollapaluza runs a non-digital roller racing setup. They have a physical clock that is attached to rollers. No computer is necessary. They mentioned that the clock in Goldsprints FX looked similar to their clocks. Being the nice guy that I am I decided to change up the clock face just a little.

The changes include adding another ring to the display center, changing the counter weight circle on the race needles to a rectangle, adding a little more weight to the needle, changing the font on the distance display, and adding the outer ring of the clock into the selectable colors. I hope this gives a little separation to their phycial clock on the one in Goldsprints FX. This is about the extent of the changes that I am willing to make at this time.

Here is a photo of their clock.
Rollapaluza and  Goldsprints FX Clock

Now here are a few designs of the new Goldsprints FX clock. Nothing too major.
Rollapalooza and Goldsprints ClockRollapalooza and Goldsprints Clock