Goldsprints FX Beta 2 Release Tonight

Tonight I will release the beta 2 version to donating members. Several of you have an event this weekend and are looking for some testing time prior to prime time. I too have an event this weekend so I will be doing some testing on my own gear and the beta 2 version. I have not loaded the beta 2 on my netbook yet. I will do that tonight but I don’t expect any issues. If you find any bugs in your testing let me know as soon as possible. I hope to be available to make some quick fixes for those hosting events this weekend. Use the Support link to post bugs or suggestions.

I think I have detailed most of the updates in the new version in previous posts. Check out the videos on how to use the rostering feature as well.

Thanks again to everyone that has donated. I hope you enjoy beta 2 and all the new features that have been added. This weekend will be a good test of beta 2 with three events, including my own, that should be using it. If all goes well I should release it to the general public in a week or two.

3 thoughts on “Goldsprints FX Beta 2 Release Tonight”

  1. Very Quick Beta 2 comments (not used in a race environment until later this week)

    1 – From default install, add 4 riders. Select 2 of them then press delete. 1 gets deleted but you cannot then select 2 again because it thinks you’ve got some selected
    2 – Add 4 riders, delete all riders then go to race – riders name still appear
    3 – After all this I added 2 more riders but I can’t select either of them to add to a race as it says Max of 2 riders can be selected

  2. I see the issue. Although the check marks are for adding multiple racers to a race, only one racer at a time can be deleted. This was by design but doesn’t need to be that way. I will see if I can change it to allow multiple deletions or zero out the check marks so the count can start fresh only deleting the selected (not checked) user.

    It should be an easy fix. I won’t be able to fix and get out a 2.1 version until tonight 8:00 CST. If that is not fast enough for your event just make sure you only check one racer when deleting. That will keep the check count in sync.