Goldsprints FX beta 2.1 is Released

Goldsprints FX beta 2.1Goldsprints FX beta 2.1. is out for members that have made a donation. Fixes and a few new features are included. Bugs were pretty minor if you knew how to work around them. I developed the delete functionality a little goofy. Thanks to the testers for finding the bug in the delete process. I have lots of ideas going off in my head after this 2.1 release. I wish I had more time to do some coding but this week is crazy busy for me with an event coming up on Saturday and my regular 9-5. Spending these late nights is wearing me down a little. Here are the four fixes and new features added.

  1. The Race button has been disables. Start all races from the Events button. The Race button will get removed entirely in next beta release.
  2. Fixed the issue with deleting racers when more than one was checked. This bug put the current checked counter out of sync. Now all racers checked will be deleted with the confirmation.
  3. Fixed a bug when adding new racers to the roster and you have some already checked. This put the current check count out of sync. Now the checked counter is reset and all checks removed.
  4. On the winners screen you can now race the same ones again or go right to the next race. No need to go back to the Events screen to get next race. Better presentation to the audience.

I have a few more features to add into beta 2 yet. Expecting public beta 2 release to be in about 2 weeks. Donating will get you into the beta testing sooner. Thanks again to everyone that has already donated.

I will get a video up as soon as I have more time that will show the new features in action.