Goldsprints FX in Australia

GFX made a showing at the Mont 24 last weekend. The Mont 24 is Australia’s largest mountain bike race. I love seeing videos and photos of the software in action. Please keep sending me links and I will post them.

In the video it looks like there is a bug but the video ends too quick to see what the issue was. I think the announcer said the winners time continues to turn. Waiting on an email now from Alan to see what issues they had.

Between myself, Greenstreet Cycles in Omaha, and Alan at the Mont 24 we had three different groups running events with GFX this past weekend. I am compiling a list of next fixes and features. As soon as I have all the feedback I will post to the blog so you can get a good idea of what is on the development agenda for the next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Goldsprints FX in Australia”

  1. Hi Ed. The 2010 Mont 24 Hour MTB race had 2610 competitors and we estimate about 6000 friends, family and hangers on for the weekend of events and entertainment at Sparrow Hill. It was a huge weekend, and Rawhide Roller Racing was held on the Friday night before the main event. Approx 33 entrants in the roller racing, plus a number of free runs to attract attention. I’ll send you through a few more photos, for good measure.

    Thanks again for burning the midnight oil to get the rostering up and running for us… I can’t imagine doing this without it.
    Regards Alan

  2. Thanks for the kind words Allan. It is great that you were able to run the event with no major issues from GFX. The photos look great. I will try to get them online for the other to see.

    Any more events planned in the near future?

  3. Hi Ed
    We’ll be getting a pub race thing up and running soon I expect.
    By the way, I need to swap the software over to another laptop (need to return the loaner). I was hoping to copy over the software (and keep the previous race results) but it doesn’t want to play ball. Is there a preferences file I need to copy? I am on MacOS.