Save & Editing GFX Beta 2 Database

If you are lucky enough to be using the latest version of GFX beta 2 then you know one of the limitation is only one event can be created. Beta 2.2 should support any number of events. But in the mean time, like you, I don’t want to delete the results of my last event. One user wants to transfer over the results from their event to another computer. The computer they used for their event was a loaner. This is pretty easy to do.

But before we get that far I would like to suggest downloading another AIR application called Lita. Lita is a SQLite database administrator. If you want to crack open the database then Lita will let you do just that. If you are not familiar with database tools then it might be too much for you and you should avoid it. I can’t support or answer any questions about Lita so you are on your own if you decide to use it. You can download Lita at You can find instructions on the dehats website.

WARNING: If you edit the database structure Goldsprints FX will probably have problems. Don’t do it. Editing the data is not a problem.

If you want to back up your database or move it to another computer on OS X you can find the GFX.db file at the following location.

Users/YouruserName/Library/preferences/GoldsprinsFX/Local Store

On Ubuntu it will be something like this below. The part that says ‘SomeReallyLongAlphaNumericString’ will be unique to your machine.

/home/YourUserName/.appdata/GoldsprintsFX.SomeReallyLongAlphaNumericString/Local Store/GFX.db

I don’t have a Windows machine to tell you where it is but use the Search and you should be able to find it easy enough.

On a Windows machine you can find it here.

C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\GoldsprintsFX.150CD2418696DCCD52376108DD815BE3EE017F77.1\Local Store

If you are moving the database, first install GFX on your new computer. After you run the app for the first time go a head and exit out. GFX will have created you a GFX.db file. Find the GFX.db file on your new computer and delete it. Copy over your old GFX.db file and your old data will be moved to the new computer.

If you have any questions or something is not clear post a question or comment. If someone can tell me where the Windows GFX.db is stored I will update this post.

3 thoughts on “Save & Editing GFX Beta 2 Database”

  1. My DB on Windows 2008 is located at
    C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\GoldsprintsFX.150CD2418696DCCD52376108DD815BE3EE017F77.1\Local Store

    I’m guessing the ID is randomly generated but it should help people with Vista, Windows 7 or server 2008 as they follow the same structure