Two Big Fixes Tonight

I made two big fixes last Saturday night. The next release will be beta 2.2 and it will be available to the general public right away. If you have using GFX please consider making a donation.

The first bug fix was with how the “Next Race” feature works. The second fix was with the “Call It” functionality. Let’s start with the “Next Race” feature. If you have not been following along with the latest development progress you might not be aware that you can now progress through races from the winner screen. See this screen shot to the left. When there is more than one race entered the next race button will be active on the winner screen. As you cycle through each race the previous race will be removed from the schedule, the racers times will be save back to the roster, and the next race will be loaded up ready to go. There was a small bug in the logic to get the next racers and what racers were loaded next. It should now be fixed. I can’t seem to break it anyway. So, I am pretty confident that the next race logic and the racers on deck is solid. One thing I have not figured out yet is where to put the next racer display when four bikes are raced. It fits nice when two racers a but not with four. I will try a few things to get it all on the screen and that will allow me to release beta 2.2.

The way the next racers come up is that GFX always grabs the next race below the current race unless you are on the last race. So there are three possibilities.

  1. Iif you select the first race on the race list and start things off, GFX will go in order from top to bottom.
  2. If you select the last racer on the race list it will move its way up the list from the bottom.
  3. If you select a race in the middle of the race list the system will keep grabbing the race below the current race until it reaches the end of the race list and then move its way up the race list.

It is also important to note that the last race in the list is not deleted when there is only one left. This is because the Next Button is disabled when there are no more races to load. So you only have the Race Again button available. By design the Race Again button is meant to be used to either race the same group again or if you are not using names and just Racer One, Racer Two and so on. You shouldn’t have to keep loading races to the race list so the last one is kept.

The Race Again button is a big time saver if you are only running colors and not racer names. Just delete the last race from the race list when you have gone through the entire race roster and start adding more if needed. I hope that is easy to understand. If not play with it and let me know what questions you have.

The second big update was with the “Call It” functionality. It was not working as expected. I was trying to make it much more complicated that it was. I ended up check if a racer has completed the distance. If they have then great, save then record the time. If a racer has not completed the distance then GFX will enter 99:99:999 into their time and save that. So 99:99:999 is essential a DNF. But they still get on the board of the final time. I am pretty happy with the way this worked out.

When released give these updates a really good test. Don’t assume they are fixed until you test them yourself when beta 2.2 hits the downloads page. If you are visual person like myself the follwing video will demonstrate these updates in action.