Back on the Horse – GFX Updates!

Hello fellow GFX’ers. I have not posted in a while. Too much going on in my life lately. Most of it fun summer stuff like biking, family and working on my basement. But never fear, I am back on the horse. Nose down in the code, head swimming in ones and zeros, tasty beverage on my lips, eyelids trying to stay open in the wee hours of the night. I implement new features. It is going to be coming hot and heaving over the next few weeks. I hope it will anyhow. I will be burning the midnight oil so try and keep will you!

To start of the tournament system I need to implement a few features. Tonight I tackled the first on my list. GFX now keeps track of win and loses in the database. This is visible on the roster list and both wins and loses are fully sortable. This makes it really easy to sort on who has the most wins or loses if you like. You can still sort on time, name and gender if you like.

Here is a quick video of the wins and loses additions. Thanks to Kings of Leon for keeping me company tonight. It make the one and zeros flow a little quicker I think.

This update did require a database change and there are most database changes come so I hope you are not too attached to your data. Hey, it is beta software.;) Update: I will be implementing a system that will update your database for you without losing any data going forward. It is beginning to sound more like non-beta. :)

No new release version but I do need testers. Trying to get things done fast and I fear I will miss something a few other pair of eyes will catch for me. Post a comment if you can give some testing time over the next few weeks. Donating member get first priority.

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