R.I.P. Bar Display

As I start to add lots of great features to GFX for the next release I have come to a decision that I am 99% sure I will drop the bar display from the next version. There are several reasons that brought me to this decision.

  • Maintaining two different displays is a time issue for me. There are a few bugs with the bar display that I just don’t have time to address right now.
  • The speed graph never really did give me the accuracy I wanted.
  • And the biggest reason came from the fine people that have been donating and sending me photos of their events. 100% of the time the clock face display was used in your events. Hands down it is the preferred display by those that have donated and send me photos and video.

I will focus all my efforts on the display updates on the clock face display going forward. After talking in detail with Jonathan from OpenSprints last night there are several layout improvements I want to commit my time to making. Here are just a few of them.

  • One central timer display. I will remove the individual time display from the colored boxes. Only after a rider finished will their colored box show their time.
  • Remove the meter display on the individual racers boxes for each rider. This doesn’t need to be there since the the clock hands are what people eyes are fixed on in the audience.
  • Make the racer names much larger. People like to yell and cheer for their friends, or the hottest girl/guy on stage, so this will make sure people can read the racer names in the audience.

After these changes the rider boxes will be smaller. I hope this allows me to display the boxes left to right across the screen with the clock display just a bit smaller. This is more intuitive for races since the bikes are setup the same way, left to right, at events. I will post a screen shot of the new display as soon as I get to work on it.

I am hoping late Thursday night that I will have a version for testing for those that want to help out. Friday at the latest.

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