Latest b2.3 Version Updates

I have been really struggling with the current 2.3 release of Goldsprints FX. Updates in this version will be the deactivation of the bar display, database updates to handle some additional rostering features, and the rostering feature. The rostering update is a simple one visually but it has implication to a tournament feature that is up next.

The changes I needed to make to the rostering system is what is giving me fits. I ended up scrapping my original plan and backed out of my code just last night. After that I started over and found a better way to do what I needed. I finished up about 2AM and did not want to make a build due to lack of sleep. I am pretty sure I would have messed something up. So tonight I will give it one more test and release the 2.3 version to everyone.

Up next right away is b2.4. I will be adding the ability to have multiple rounds of races. It should function as a tournament if all works out. I have it all down on paper so I hope to have this functioning in just a single night of programming. Some of the issues I had with the rostering system would have come up in the tournament so 2.3 needed to happen first. I hope I have the 2.3 issues taken care of and can use similar code in the tournament feature. Thus speeding the next release. But nothing every works out as planned so please keep your fingers crossed.

So update tonight as soon as I finish up the day job and can sit down and create the build.

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