Download Stats

As of tonight here are the current numbers on the downloads.

Goldsprints FX v beta 2.2: Goldsprints FX (17)
Goldsprints FX v beta 2.1: Goldsprints FX (24)
Goldsprints FX v beta 2.0: Goldsprints FX (13)
Goldsprints FX v beta 1.0: Goldsprints FX (74)

Lots of downloads on version beta 1.0 with 74. Version 2.1 and 2.2 were only available to donating members if I remember correctly. A few donating members downloaded a few times for 2.1 and 2.2.

10 super, fabulous, wonderful people have donated to the development so far. The donation have ranged from $10 to $500. I have even received some very nice riding bibs from Beijing, China. So hard cash is not the only options. :) I really appreciate the support and I am trying to get new features added as soon as possible. I only wish I had more than a few hours a day to spend on GFX. Steady progress is the key I guess. Lots of good things coming! Thanks again to everyone’s support. Can’t thank everyone enough. Have a feature you want to see in the future post a comment and I will add it to the my feature list.

One thought on “Download Stats”

  1. I’ll definitely be sending some love, in the form of US currency via some electronic medium, haha… thanks for the great work! I think I am up and running and will have our first event this friday, ill let ya know how it goes. thanks again!