Serproxy or Tinkerproxy on Lion 10.7?

Can anyone confirm that Serproxy or Tinkerproxy works on Lion? I need to upgrade to continue the GFX development but I do not know if anyone is running Lion with GFX. If someone can confirm either way I would appreciate it very much.


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      1. sorry I stepped out for a bit
        I haven’t gotten tinker to work although we did run the last race on a source built serproxy in 10.7.

        I’ve just installed an ssd so I’m going through the process again, and with a purely 10.7 install not an upgrade.

        gfx is my backup at this point as I’m writing a gold sprints program for gameduino, I don’t like taking my macbook to bars or really anywhere that drunken people might wander.

        I’ll try tinker though

  1. Ed, I don’t have an Apple, otherwise I would try. Luke does, and he is off until late January, so he is going to give it a shot and get back to you.

    Is there anything else we can help you with?

  2. I tried both tinkerproxy and serproxy built from source on Lion.

    both seem to connect to the comm port, but Goldsprints FX just hangs at GO!
    When gfx starts, (ser|tinker)proxy prints out

    Server thread launched
    server(1) – thread started

        1. this is the output from serproxygui. it seems to connect to the arduino. GFX doesn’t get past the GO! screen

          Serproxy 0.2.0 –
          Based on code by (C)1999 Stefano Busti, (C)2005 David A. Mellis

          Waiting for clients
          Server thread launched
          server(1) – thread started

    1. actually, Tinkerproxy does work for me. I was using the current development version of the firmware instead of the original default basic_msg version. doh!

      As for serproxygui, no luck yet with that.

  3. i’m new with this , someone could pass the GO! screen using the basic_msg ? i’m trying to run in a teensy++ it connects using thinkerproxy GUI on mac os x 10.7.3 and when it starts the race the GO! screen stays there forever, also the monitor serial can’t print when the race is “started”. someone please help me Thanks!

    1. Hello aalbertobus. I am not familar with teensy++. But if the GO! is not changing then you do not have thinkerproxy working correctly. From the posts above I know both tinkerproxy and serproxy work. Verify outside of GFX they are working first then try GFX.