GFX v3 Devlog 3.8.2015

Completed tasks as of 3.8.2015

  • Bug: if no serial connection then an error occurred when saving. Fix by putting a Try or an IsOpen() around the code that sends the update to the OpenSprints hardware for Racers and Countdown
  • Add background images to each blade
  • Rearrange the Config screen
  • Change ‘Distance’ label to ‘Race Distance’
  • Create YouTube channel for Videos. Don’t want to pay for Vimeo any longer. Vimeo upload quota really sucks.
  • Breakout Distance and Roller size into different boxes on Config screen
  • Add more spacing to race boxes so they don’t touch on Windows. Looks fine on Raspberry PI
  • Create background images for the empty race boxes when less than four racers are selected. I might not worry about this one. Ended up resizing the boxes so you can’t see them if they are not active.
  • Fix placement on Reset Colors button
  • Change Numer of racers to a slider from radio buttons
  • Change countdown to slider from radio buttons