GFX Devlog 3.24.2015

Completed Tasks as of 3.17.201

  • Remove clock center circle when bars are set.
  • I need to move the countdown into the timer display window
  • Add black boxes to the background of the bars so you know how far they have yo race.
  • The bars black boxes need to be resized, and move, and made into drop shadows when the visual is set to clock display.
  • Now that we only have one racer color conver the second color to the racer text color.
  • BUG: If race I’d stopped during count down you can’t reset the race.
  • Add Luke’s new trig code to the clock display.
  • When a race is stoped mid-stream reset needs to reset the bars and clock position to start position
  • Figure out how to dynamically update the options dictionary so I can change what display to show. If this is not possible then create two dictionaries and assign them at race time based on clock or bars.
  • Rethink bars. Are they a canvas lines or a label widget? What is easier to change size of?
  • Make both clock and bars displays only have one timer. Vegas lights style! Upon race completion then show individual racer times.
  • Create top level canvas for the countdown
  • Check to see if the Tkinter a Canvas widget is transparent
  • Create a gui erase function and destroys all item in the newframe Frame
  • Create a bars display function
  • Breakout the build gui function to a new clock display function
  • Create bars display layout
  • Add font color option for racer text