Goldsprints FX is a front end to the OpenSprints hardware. If you are not familiar with Opensprints, it is both hardware and software to run goldsprint events. Goldsprints FX is simply an alternative to their OpenSprint software to run in conjunction with their hardware.

I started creating Goldsprints FX just as a proof of concept in December of 2008. I wanted to try and create a front end that was developed with Adobe FLEX, delivered via Flash/AIR, and was visually more than what was available at the time. Why deliver the application with Flex/Flash/AIR? The are several reason but the main driver was platform independent between Ubuntu, OS X and MS Windows. As of the alpha version, the only requirements are Flash Player player 9 or higher, Adobe AIR, and Serproxy. There is nothing else you need to install other than Goldsprint FX. Of course you need the OpenSprints hardware and a roller system.

One of my requirements when I started this project was to use the OpenSprints hardware as is. I did not want to install anything else on the Arduino which is the heart of their hardware. I had no intention or desire to fork off a new version of their hardware and require users lose the OpenSprints software just to get Goldsprints FX to work. This was important to me.

I have put in 100’s or hours of development time into this project. Most all of it working late into the night and something early morning just to give something back to the biking/goldsprints community. Yes, Goldsprints FX is free but donation are encouraged. So if you like Goldsprints FX please think about donation something to the cause. Even the littlest donation is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I just setup the Paypal account last weekend. It is not verified yet to a bank account. I am hoping to setup the account up with week and verify the Paypal account to it. Look this week for the PayPal Donate link in the sidebar.


    1. That is great news Andrew! Beta 2 with the rostering system is pretty nice. I am looking forward to getting it out. Did you happen to get any photos from your testing? I would love to see them.


  2. Im not sure if this is the place to post this. But here we go…

    Im trying to install the Goldsprints FX – Adobe AIR package in my Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit distribution. I have already installed Adobe AIR and tested an example program from Adobe, which works pretty well. For some reason the Goldsprints FX – air file can not install correctly, I tried all the version since version 1.0 up to 2.3, no success… Is there a trick… By the way, serproxy 1.0.3 is running correctly…

    Thanks man!

A front-end for the Opensprints hardware.

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