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GFX Devlog 3.24.2015

Completed Tasks as of 3.17.201

  • Remove clock center circle when bars are set.
  • I need to move the countdown into the timer display window
  • Add black boxes to the background of the bars so you know how far they have yo race.
  • The bars black boxes need to be resized, and move, and made into drop shadows when the visual is set to clock display.
  • Now that we only have one racer color conver the second color to the racer text color.
  • BUG: If race I’d stopped during count down you can’t reset the race.
  • Add Luke’s new trig code to the clock display.
  • When a race is stoped mid-stream reset needs to reset the bars and clock position to start position
  • Figure out how to dynamically update the options dictionary so I can change what display to show. If this is not possible then create two dictionaries and assign them at race time based on clock or bars.
  • Rethink bars. Are they a canvas lines or a label widget? What is easier to change size of?
  • Make both clock and bars displays only have one timer. Vegas lights style! Upon race completion then show individual racer times.
  • Create top level canvas for the countdown
  • Check to see if the Tkinter a Canvas widget is transparent
  • Create a gui erase function and destroys all item in the newframe Frame
  • Create a bars display function
  • Breakout the build gui function to a new clock display function
  • Create bars display layout
  • Add font color option for racer text

GFX Bringing The Bar Display Back

Here is another video uploaded to the new GoldsprintsFX YouTube channel. I am happy to say that we now have a working bar display as a second option to the clock display.

A few other big changes are one single timer for both the bar and clock display. I did not see the need to have a timer for each racer. With the change to a single timer I converted the second box color to a font color option. Check out the video and post a comment if you have any questions

Two new screen shots

These two screen shots feature the Stone theme. As you can see we now have the Bars display added back into the mix. Everything seems to be working fine and you can select either the Bars or the Clock display from the Config options.

On change you might notice is that each racer no longer has their own timer display. This was necessary to keep it consistent between the Clock and Bars display.

All of the white buttons you see are temporary at this point. I am owrk working on cleaning up the interface and may eliminate the button entirely and add in a minimal left and right navigation. This should make the interface look much better for those viewing the races.

I hope to have another video of GFX v.3.14 uploaded this week. For now enjoy the screen shots.



GoldsprintsFX v3 Development Update

I have been hard at work on the new version of GFX. The next iteration of GFX is a completely new version. The functionality is about the same but it is being written from scratch in Python.

Up until now GFX was developed with Adobe Flex. To be honest I have never liked developing in Flex very much. At the time, Flex was the only way I knew to connect with the serial port of the Opensprints hardware.

A lot has changed in the last few years. With the new Adobe software subscription model it is to expensive to keep the software on my computers. I don’t want to spent $30-50 a month just to have access to the Flex software. I also do not like the dependency on Flash and Adobe Air. Let’s not even start with setting up Serproxy either. Developing a new version with Python can fix what I believe to be the pains of setting up GFX.

If everything goes as planned you won’t need to install anything but GFX. No Serproxy. No Flash or Adobe Air. The only thing you need to know is the serial port.

The first phase is to code the application shell. This consists of the basic navigation, page layout, and saving and loading the setting options. This is actually the hardest part of the development. I have already created a proof of concept and it works perfectly with the Opensprints hardware. I am happy to say I am about 95% complete with this phase. I am waiting for a video to upload as I type this so you can see a basic demo.

Phase two will be putting in the hooks to the Opensprints hardware. Again, I already have this working work it should be pretty quick steps.

Phase three will be developing the event system. This is the rostering systeme in the current version of GFX. I am not sure what kind of effort this will take right now.

Each phase will be available for testing. I plan to have a version to release for testing in the next few days for phase 1. I would appreciate any help you could offer in the testing. The beta versions will be available for anyone that has made a donation. Sadly that only means about 10 users. I will be contacting donating members at the email they supplied with their PayPal donation to see if they are willing to help.

The phase one and phase two beta will run with the Opensprints” target=”_blank”>Opensprints hardware in demo mode. I want to get all the kinks out before I have anyone test the new version with bikes and rollers. If all goes well the only requirement will be to know your serial port. No other software or applications should be required.

More to come in the next few days.