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Download Stats

As of tonight here are the current numbers on the downloads.

Goldsprints FX v beta 2.2: Goldsprints FX (17)
Goldsprints FX v beta 2.1: Goldsprints FX (24)
Goldsprints FX v beta 2.0: Goldsprints FX (13)
Goldsprints FX v beta 1.0: Goldsprints FX (74)

Lots of downloads on version beta 1.0 with 74. Version 2.1 and 2.2 were only available to donating members if I remember correctly. A few donating members downloaded a few times for 2.1 and 2.2.

10 super, fabulous, wonderful people have donated to the development so far. The donation have ranged from $10 to $500. I have even received some very nice riding bibs from Beijing, China. So hard cash is not the only options. :) I really appreciate the support and I am trying to get new features added as soon as possible. I only wish I had more than a few hours a day to spend on GFX. Steady progress is the key I guess. Lots of good things coming! Thanks again to everyone’s support. Can’t thank everyone enough. Have a feature you want to see in the future post a comment and I will add it to the my feature list.