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First Live GFX Test

This coming Saturday I will be using Goldsprints FX in a live event. This will be the first test of the software in a real goldsprints event. As you know I have been testing the software over the past few weeks. The testing I have been doing is a race here, a race there using my family or myself as the racer. Never really testing with two real racers over numerous rounds of racing. Nothing like what you can expect in a real event. Hosting my first event will give me the testing I really need.

This should be the final testing before I feel good about an open beta. I should have 20 riders pretty easy. I am trying to keep the numbers low for the event but if I have a solid 15 people racing I will be happy. There will be no less than the top 3 bike clubs in the city in attendance. This is what I need to get people excited about goldsprints in my area. I am pretty excited and nervous with a few things to finish this week in order to be ready. I finally have all the goldsprints gear in place and running my events as Capital City Sprints. There is a bike update over at the Capital City website so stop over there and check it out.

One last thing, I am going to stream the event live on the web. If you want to know when and where you can watch the event post a comment here and subscribe to this post. If you want to watch the event go down live, I will comment back with the time and URL to access for the steam. It will be this Saturday starting around 7:30 PM.

Bikes Are On Order

I ordered my goldsprint whips tonight. After a few months of waiting and developing GFX, I will finally have everything in place to start goldsprint events in the greater Des Moines area and beyond. I am pretty pumped. I have already setup a test event for Feb. 20th. I plan to get about 12 friends together and work out the kinks. This will give me a chance to take photos and some video to promote future events.

I managed to get my hands on two new Mercier Kilo TT’s in a great looking gold flake. The gold was my first color of choice but they have not been in stock for at least two month. Just last week the strippers started showing up. These have no emblems on them at all. Tonight I placed my order for two 50cm whips.

They come with 48/16 gear ratio. I am going to upgrade right away to a 48/18 and run that for a while. I might change that up to a 50/15 but I want to see how the 48/18 feels on the rollers first.

Goldsprints on gold flake whips. Nice. I will swap out the bar tape for red and blue to signify the bike colors right away as well. Here are a few photos. If I am lucky they will arrive before next weekend.

Second Set of Rollers Arrived

I picked up my second set of roller tonight for Rassy’s. Big ups to them for the great deal (again) on the CycleOps rollers. Here is a photo side by side with my Swobo on one of them.

Goldsprints FX & CycleOps Rollers

I have been poking around the local hardware stores looking for ways to stabilize the rollers. I could build wooden boxes like most people do but I want something more transportable. I wanted to model something similar to the OpenSprints edition Kreitler rollers. A couple or iron braces is what I am looking at. Now that I have the rollers side by side I think I have an idea that will work. I plan to head down to the hardware hangout tomorrow and make a few measurements.

GFX Poll: Goldsprint bike colors?

I thought I would start the weekend off by getting some feedback on bike color for my own goldsprints setup. I am limited to just a few in-stock options for colors. Here are the color options. Have a look and then vote in the poll that follows the photos.

Option One: Two 50cm in Black. Same color bikes and then distinguish them in colored bar tape and seat. Most likely a traditional red and blue bike.

Option Two: One orange and one green both in 50cm. I would then just run my colors based on the bike frames.

Option Three: One purple and one green both in 50 cm. I would then just run my colors based on the bike frames.

Option Four: One purple and one orange both in 50 cm. I would then just run my colors based on the bike frames.

Poll: What bike/size for Goldsprints?

Update: Okay it looks like you guys can’t add your own entries to the poll so I am removing it for now. Just comment on your bike and size if you want.

So it is time for a non application post. In addition to writing Goldsprints FX I am trying to get everything I need to run my own events. The whips are the last thing on my list other than finishing Goldsprints FX. Since I am doing this pretty much self funded without any partners at this point I am strapped for cash. But I need some bikes!

I have been looking around and I think I have settled on the Mercier Kilo TT. The price is right at only $350 for a complete build. The Kilo TT frame gets pretty good reviews as a budget frame. A lot of riders buy the Kilo TT frame and build it up to their own specs. The frame is steel so that is good. They come with a 38/16 gear ratio. I would only have to update the 16 to an 18 and have what I want to run my gear ratio at. The crank is the same one that came on my Swobo Sanchez and I have had no problems with it. Bottom line, the Kilo gets me in business right away at a minimal price. I can upgrade parts as needed. I just don’t think I need to drop $500-700 for a fixie that is just going to sit on the rollers. I thought about the EighthInch rides for $599 but component wise I just don’t see it being that much better if at all. If I was riding these around town, dropping off what-not and skidding all over the place I would look for something better.

So tell me if I am crazy or not for looking at the Mercier Kilo TT. For size I think I will go with 50cm. It has a stand over of 30.5. Their 47cm is a 39” stand over height.

This leads us to the question for today. You can enter your own responses so please take a minute to tell me what bikes and sizes you are running at your goldsprint events. Enter the bike/frame followed by the frame size. If someone has entered your make and size already no need to add it again. Just select their same one by click on radio button and submitting the poll.

Just make a comment with your bike/frame and size since other can’t add to the poll options.