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Get a Jump on the Goldsprints FX beta

I have updated the Goldsprints FX download page. It now has links to the necessary plugins and applications to run GFX. But GFX is not net available for download.

You can get a jump on the beta by installing Flash, AIR and Serproxy now. This will also give you some time to get Serproxy running and edit the necessary CFG file that Serproxy needs to communicate with Flash. Visit the downloads page for more details.

Also, don’t forget to answer my bike color poll if you have not done so already.

Goldsprints FX – Roller Testing

After picking up the CycleOps rollers from Rassy’s today I assembled them without much difficulty. None really. I just had to take the rollers out of the box, unfold them, move the front roller all the way forward, mount the fork stand, take the front wheel off my Swobo Sanchez and mount the bike to the rollers and swapped out my clip-in for some cages. A final adjustment of the fork stand and I was rolling. Pun intended!

Goldsprint Testing Goldsprint Testing Goldsprint FX Roller Testing

After a few spins I took the bike off and disassembled the roller frame. I had to remove the rear roller and mount my rare earth magnet to the plastic end for the drum. I used small screw and it mounted with out issue. I removed the rubber band off the drums since I don’t need when using the fork stand. I put the roller frame back together. Final task was to attach the OpenSprints hall sensor to the frame so it could pick up the passing of the rare earth magnet. I used one of my wife’s elastic hair things as a temporary way to keep the sensor from moving.

Goldsprints FX Roller Testing Goldsprints FX Roller TestingGoldsprint FX Roller Testing

Here are to quick screen shots of post race results from my testing tonight. I did a few solo races to tests everything out. I have some work to do on the rollers to get into sprinting shape! My Swobo is running 38/16 so I will probably go 38/18 if I have to use this bike for races. But I am hoping a sponsor to give up some frames or full bikes when the race time comes.

Goldsprints FX Roller Testing Goldsprints FX Roller Testing

All that is left now are a few tweaks to the interface of Goldsprints FX and I can release it as beta. I already have about 10 people/groups wanting to test the application. East coast, West coast and as far away a Italy are waiting on the beta. I can’t wait to see the bugs they find! If you would like to sign up for the beta see the previous post for instructions. You will also need to fill out this
to get in on the beta action.

Ordering Rollers Monday

I plan to order rollers on Monday. This is the next step in testing Goldsprints FX. I have gone back and forth on what rollers to invent my money into. After a few weeks of searching, reading, and asking around it has come down to three option. All the other groups I found used either the Kreitler, CycleOps, or build their own roller frames. For the groups that build their own frame they used the Kreitler drums.

First option is the CycleOps rollers from Saris Cycling Group. You can find them on the web at I could only find one goldsprints club that used the CycleOps rollers. That was the KC Sprints group. I talked via email on Flickr with one of the guys from the KC Sprints group and they were happy with the CycleOps rollers. That made me feel better about the CycleOps system as a possibility. They sell an aluminum roller setup for $279.00. Their produce page is at

CycleOps Rollers

The drums on the CycleOps system I am looking at are aluminum which are a must for proper goldsprints. They feature 3.5 inch diameter rollers. This is the smallest size drums I would want to use for goldsprints. My local bike shop carries the CycleOps so that is a plus. I always try to buy local if I can. After going down to Rassy’s this weekend and getting my hands on them the frame is more solid that I was expecting. The drums where just okay. I was expecting the drums to be heavier. But overall I was impressed. I also need to pick up a fork stand and they runs another $99. Overall I was impressed with the price and the quality of the CycleOps brand.

My second and third options are from Kreitler. Kreitler is the standard when it comes to goldsprints and serious trainers. The specific Kreitler rollers I am looking at are the Challenger 4.5 with the Poly end caps.

Keritler Challenger 4.5

The drums on the Kreitler Challenger 4.5 system are a full inch bigger in diameter then the CycleOps rollers. Quality is top notch but you also pay a little more for them. The Challenger 4.5 with the Poly end caps is $389 retail but I have found them for as low as $329 out of a bike shop in Chicago. That is a really nice price. I will also need to get a fork stand for an additional $99. This brings the price up to just under $500. I know quality on the Kreitler is the best that you can find so the price is warranted in my opinion. I really like the larger 4.5 inch drums as well.

The last option is again from Kreitler. It is their goldsprint dedicated setup. It cost $999 plus shipping.

Kreitler Goldsprint System

This is a dedicated system build by Kreitler specifically fro goldsprint events. Both bike units are attached for more stability. But despite the quality this systems has a disadvantage in my opinion. You can’t train on this system unless you want to use the fork stands all the time. There is no third roller or even a way to use a third roller if I wanted to. That for me is a major disadvantage. When I am training I don’t want to use the fork stand. I know that for sure. The other thing is that I need to shell out the full $999 right from the start. I can’t just buy each single bike system as needed. I have to buy the system two bikes at a time. It is about the same price as getting two Challenger 4.5 systems so there is not additional cost in that respect.

And the Envelope Please…

UPDATE: I made one last ditch to get some feedback on the CycleOps rollers. I found out that the Black & Gold crew are using the CycleOps setup with no regrets. Also, the grew down in the Kansas City area are using them with great results. So I have had a change of mind and deciding to go with the CycleOps. Here is why:

  1. I can buy one unit at a time.
  2. Feedback from other using them has been very positive. They have been doing goldsprints for years and they would buy the CycleOps setup again.
  3. I can train on this unit with all three rollers. Then when I want run the goldsprint events, I can put the fork stand on.
  4. The CycleOps setup is a little less expensive than the Kreitlers. I based on feedback I don’t think I am sacrifising anything with the CycleOps.
  5. I will be supporting my local bike shop by going with the CycleOps. I am hoping they become a sponsor as well.

The disadvantage is that I will have to build a box for each roller eventually. This adds to the stability of the system. A few 2×4’s and some plywood and it is an easy enough task.

So by next weekend I hope to be testing Goldsprints FX with a roller system. Make sure you check back for the results and a video of two next weekend. If you are reading this and have another suggestion I would love to hear it! Please post a comment.