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Interface Suggestions & Changes

I am about ready to start incorporating the racers name into the interface of both the bar and clock display. Here are current screenshots of both.

Here are my thoughts. For the bar display put their names on the bars that are in the top rectangle. See some of the old videos if you have not seen the bar display in action. I thought I remembered that I had a problem with putting labels on the bars when I was developing it. I will have to try it again. Name probably also need to be in the racer boxes.

On the clock display I think the only place I can put them is on the boxes. There is still room with what is displayed in the boxes now. I am thinking of removing the meter display on the boxes. It is not really necessary since you have either the bar and speed or the clock hands to give you progress display. So if I remove the meter count from the bar screen I can get the names at the top and move the time down.

Does anyone feel really strong about keeping the meter display? Speak up now before I make the change. Here is what the new racer boxes will most likely look like. If you have any other suggestions let me know.

The boxes are shared between all displays so they have to work across the board. This is true for future displays as well. I don’t want to have different boxes for different displays. It is much easier to just move their position around depending on the interface you choose to display than having different layouts between each display.

If you have any other suggestions I am all ears.

GFX Icons

I am having a hard time adding a icon to the GFX application. Until I get this figured out here is an icon set if you want to add it manually. You can grab them from here or download a zip file of the icons on the Downloads page.

Sizes are 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, and 128×128. They are in PNG format. I added a nice shine to the logo for effect.

Quick Updates & Video

It has been a while since I cracked open the code to GFX and made any updates. I am just having too much fun running and testing my goldsprints setup I guess. Tonight I updated the race countdown to show 3,2,1,GO! instead of 1,2,3,GO!. I also had some time to create an official Capital City Sprints interface for future events.

Someday I am going to release the beta, really I am.

Goldsprints FX – Custom Interface Example Video

This example is for Salt City Sprints club. It shows how the look and feel of Goldsprints FX can be altered to meeting your custom interface needs. The color is a little off due to the video compress but you get the idea.

On the opening screen I added the Salt City logo and two Specialized sponsor logos. The bar/speed display did not get any customization to it. The clock display did. Again their logo added with a small Specialized logo above it. Then finally the colors of the outer clock face was change to a lighter gray. I really like the silhouette of the crowd I added to the opening screen. I think it really sets it off. I think I will have to add that to the default interface.

You can check out Salt City Sprints LLC at