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Forum is Online

I am not entirely sure everything is setup. What I need you do to do is try and test a few posts to the forum. Right now Jonathan and I are the only admins. Give things a try. Plan to the use the forum as the way to get support, ask questions and make feature requests.

I remove the ticket system which was the “SUPPORT” link in the top navigation. “FORUM” is now linked above. If anyone has any troubles let me know.

New Support Forum & Development Updates

I am setting up a support forum tonight. I have been out of the loop the new month+. I can see that I need a better way to answer and let others answer questions about using and installing GFX. I also plan to pick back up development and get a new version out.

The new version will be developed to work with the latest version of the OpenSprints firmware. This means that everyone, including me, will have to update their hardware firmware. Full instructions will be posted to the forum and the blog to help you.

The big lift we are going to get out of the firmware update is eliminating the ties that can happen when races are very close. This is a timing issue and the inability to set the distance correctly in GFX. I am hoping the firmware will help and allow me to rewrite some of the GRX code in the process.

Stay tuned for more details on the forum and the development process.

Latest b2.3 Version Updates

I have been really struggling with the current 2.3 release of Goldsprints FX. Updates in this version will be the deactivation of the bar display, database updates to handle some additional rostering features, and the rostering feature. The rostering update is a simple one visually but it has implication to a tournament feature that is up next.

The changes I needed to make to the rostering system is what is giving me fits. I ended up scrapping my original plan and backed out of my code just last night. After that I started over and found a better way to do what I needed. I finished up about 2AM and did not want to make a build due to lack of sleep. I am pretty sure I would have messed something up. So tonight I will give it one more test and release the 2.3 version to everyone.

Up next right away is b2.4. I will be adding the ability to have multiple rounds of races. It should function as a tournament if all works out. I have it all down on paper so I hope to have this functioning in just a single night of programming. Some of the issues I had with the rostering system would have come up in the tournament so 2.3 needed to happen first. I hope I have the 2.3 issues taken care of and can use similar code in the tournament feature. Thus speeding the next release. But nothing every works out as planned so please keep your fingers crossed.

So update tonight as soon as I finish up the day job and can sit down and create the build.

R.I.P. Bar Display

As I start to add lots of great features to GFX for the next release I have come to a decision that I am 99% sure I will drop the bar display from the next version. There are several reasons that brought me to this decision.

  • Maintaining two different displays is a time issue for me. There are a few bugs with the bar display that I just don’t have time to address right now.
  • The speed graph never really did give me the accuracy I wanted.
  • And the biggest reason came from the fine people that have been donating and sending me photos of their events. 100% of the time the clock face display was used in your events. Hands down it is the preferred display by those that have donated and send me photos and video.

I will focus all my efforts on the display updates on the clock face display going forward. After talking in detail with Jonathan from OpenSprints last night there are several layout improvements I want to commit my time to making. Here are just a few of them.

  • One central timer display. I will remove the individual time display from the colored boxes. Only after a rider finished will their colored box show their time.
  • Remove the meter display on the individual racers boxes for each rider. This doesn’t need to be there since the the clock hands are what people eyes are fixed on in the audience.
  • Make the racer names much larger. People like to yell and cheer for their friends, or the hottest girl/guy on stage, so this will make sure people can read the racer names in the audience.

After these changes the rider boxes will be smaller. I hope this allows me to display the boxes left to right across the screen with the clock display just a bit smaller. This is more intuitive for races since the bikes are setup the same way, left to right, at events. I will post a screen shot of the new display as soon as I get to work on it.

I am hoping late Thursday night that I will have a version for testing for those that want to help out. Friday at the latest.

Back on the Horse – GFX Updates!

Hello fellow GFX’ers. I have not posted in a while. Too much going on in my life lately. Most of it fun summer stuff like biking, family and working on my basement. But never fear, I am back on the horse. Nose down in the code, head swimming in ones and zeros, tasty beverage on my lips, eyelids trying to stay open in the wee hours of the night. I implement new features. It is going to be coming hot and heaving over the next few weeks. I hope it will anyhow. I will be burning the midnight oil so try and keep will you!

To start of the tournament system I need to implement a few features. Tonight I tackled the first on my list. GFX now keeps track of win and loses in the database. This is visible on the roster list and both wins and loses are fully sortable. This makes it really easy to sort on who has the most wins or loses if you like. You can still sort on time, name and gender if you like.

Here is a quick video of the wins and loses additions. Thanks to Kings of Leon for keeping me company tonight. It make the one and zeros flow a little quicker I think.

This update did require a database change and there are most database changes come so I hope you are not too attached to your data. Hey, it is beta software.;) Update: I will be implementing a system that will update your database for you without losing any data going forward. It is beginning to sound more like non-beta. :)

No new release version but I do need testers. Trying to get things done fast and I fear I will miss something a few other pair of eyes will catch for me. Post a comment if you can give some testing time over the next few weeks. Donating member get first priority.