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Beta To-Do List is Complete, Almost!

If you have been checking the beta to-do list you should have noticed that I have everything crossed off as of about 5 minutes ago. Check the original post and list here:

Everything went pretty good with just a minor code change here and there. One of the items on the list was to display the time when a race is complete. Here are a few screens of the new display with the time added.

If you have not noticed, the color of the box and the text matches the racer color that is set on the Settings screen. In these three screen shots you can see what I mean. Also, note the winning time is shown now.

These first two examples show two racers in two races. the first is a race using the bar display. The second is using the clock display. The winner is the blue bike and text is set to white in both cases. In future updates, when the race management is done, the racer’s name will be displayed as well.

This example shows four racers. The winner is the yellow racer who has black text.

Other updates include fixing the way the Reset and Call It work. But I just noticed one bug. When the Call It is clicked the correct rider is shown as the winner, but for some reason the race bar are flip flopped so visually the bars are incorrect.

So there is still work to be done. Beta is close. Just a few things left that seems to only surface when I fix something else. I promise to not add anything new. Just bug fixes so everyone else can find these bugs!

Goldsprints FX – Customization Friendly

Today on Twitter Mike from Spoke Apparel asked, “Can you customize the interface?”. This is a great question and one I took into account when I started this project. I wanted to give everyone the ability to make Goldsprints FX their own. You do not need to be a programmer to make customizations. I have done all the hard work for you. As I get ready to release the beta it is a good time to talk a little about what you can customize right now. So here we go.

Background Screens
Goldsprints FX is currently made up for three screens. They are the opening splash screen, the race screen, and the settings screen. Each of these screens have their own background image that is loaded when you launch Goldsprints FX. The background images are external to the application. You can customize the background screens by simply replace the default images that resides in the directory structure. Just remember to keep the image names the same. The are PNG images and sized to 800×600. Here are screen shots of the images as of today. Currently the race background and the setting background are the same image. Only the opening background image is different in this example but you can have three different images.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10

Below are the background images and how they look when they are loaded into Goldsprints FX. Now you can see the toolbar this time and a few other things showing up on each screen. A few things to note. The backgrounds on bar race visual and the speed line visual are transparent. So no matter what background image you use it will show through just a little for effect. On the settings screen the border on the panels is all slightly transparent.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10 Goldsprints FX Race Screen Updates Goldsprints FX Settings Screen Updates

Settings Screen
Take a close look at the settings screen above and all the options that Goldsprints FX currently supports. They include the following.

  • Racer box colors – This is main box color for each racer. The time area is set to a darker shade of this color setting.
  • Racer box text colors – the text color of all the details that is shown inside the racer boxes.
  • Roller Diameter – The size of your rollers.
  • Roller circumference – Not editable but calculated from the roller diameter.
  • Speed Chart Limit – This is the upper limit of how high the speed chart will show. You can adjust this based on how fast your riders are. It can also be adjusted between races if you like.
  • Speed Display – Km or Miles and it updates the racer boxes with the correct labels.
  • Reflection On/Off – This will display or hide the racer box reflections.
  • Race Distance – This is how far race will be in kilometers.

Finally, everything that you see on the right side of the Settings screen will most likely not be visible for the beta version. It is just a way for me to see the data that is captured so I can make sure all is working as expected.

So there you have it. That is currently what can be customized in Goldsprints FX. Did anything come to mind that I need to add? Post a comment and let me know.

What Does the Future Hold?
Here are just a few things that I would like to make customizable in the future.

  • Ability to select different Fonts
  • Color and placement (top or bottom) of the toolbar
  • Control to show and hide the current visual and new one in the future. Race bars, race speed lines, and hopefully a race clock-style display that has yet to be developed. The clock is my favorite so it is only a matter of time before it is added.
  • Different layouts for the Race screen. Maybe the colored race boxes vertical down the left or right sides of the screen. This will be better for a clock style display.
  • Adjustable button color
  • Ability to load a video as the opening splash screen
  • Ability to export the race statistics and view a past race in real time. Kind of like an instant replay.
  • Display the top race time for the current event. This is a must. I just need to figure out where to display it.

One feature I am on the fence with is race management. I kind of like using a white board or paper and pencil for races. I might be the minority on this one, but I would be very interested to hear what you think about the race management built into the application. Please take a minute to answer this questions below.

Also, post a comment on what features you would like to see added in the future. I am all ears and the sky is the limit.

Goldsprints FX – Roller Testing

After picking up the CycleOps rollers from Rassy’s today I assembled them without much difficulty. None really. I just had to take the rollers out of the box, unfold them, move the front roller all the way forward, mount the fork stand, take the front wheel off my Swobo Sanchez and mount the bike to the rollers and swapped out my clip-in for some cages. A final adjustment of the fork stand and I was rolling. Pun intended!

Goldsprint Testing Goldsprint Testing Goldsprint FX Roller Testing

After a few spins I took the bike off and disassembled the roller frame. I had to remove the rear roller and mount my rare earth magnet to the plastic end for the drum. I used small screw and it mounted with out issue. I removed the rubber band off the drums since I don’t need when using the fork stand. I put the roller frame back together. Final task was to attach the OpenSprints hall sensor to the frame so it could pick up the passing of the rare earth magnet. I used one of my wife’s elastic hair things as a temporary way to keep the sensor from moving.

Goldsprints FX Roller Testing Goldsprints FX Roller TestingGoldsprint FX Roller Testing

Here are to quick screen shots of post race results from my testing tonight. I did a few solo races to tests everything out. I have some work to do on the rollers to get into sprinting shape! My Swobo is running 38/16 so I will probably go 38/18 if I have to use this bike for races. But I am hoping a sponsor to give up some frames or full bikes when the race time comes.

Goldsprints FX Roller Testing Goldsprints FX Roller Testing

All that is left now are a few tweaks to the interface of Goldsprints FX and I can release it as beta. I already have about 10 people/groups wanting to test the application. East coast, West coast and as far away a Italy are waiting on the beta. I can’t wait to see the bugs they find! If you would like to sign up for the beta see the previous post for instructions. You will also need to fill out this
to get in on the beta action.

Testing on Ubuntu 9.10 a Success

I finally got my Ubuntu issues figured out. I had installed serproxy 0.9.2 instead of 0.9.3. Grrr. You don’t want to know how many hours I have spent trying to figure out why I couldn’t connect to serproxy. But that is behind me know. Really I’m okay now…. I am happy to say that on both Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix and the full version of Unbuntu 9.10 with Goldsprints FX installed runa just fine. It is literally a 2 minute process to install and start a race. I couldn’t be happier. Here are just a few screen shots from Goldsprints FX running on Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

Goldsprints FX - Ubuntu Netbook Remix Goldsprints FX - Ubuntu Netbook Remix Goldsprints FX - Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Also, I guess I did to mention it but I am developing on OS X so no issues there. I only need to get my hands on a Window machine to confirm everything is okay there.