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Goldsprints FX – Skinning System (Alpha Version)

I worked on the skinning system tonight. Users now have the ability to use three custom backgrounds in the application. These are loaded at run time. Just drop them in a special directory, make sure you name them correctly (backgrounds1.png, background2.png, background3.png) and Goldsprint FX will import them. For a demo I create three backgrounds to show the import capabilities. Two of the screens are the same actually but you should get the idea.

Here are the two screens I created tonight for the demo. I created a custom Goldsprints FX graffiti logo with some bicycle art. Then I added logos since many clubs are sponsored and give swag out at events. I pulled the brick wall image on the right off the web and scaled it to my needs, did a little levels on it and cropping work to it at 800×600. Final Photoshoped image on the left.

background1 background2

See the following screen shots after the screens above have been put into the application via the skinning system.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10 Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10 Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10

Here is a screen shot of the window expanded like it might be on a netbook with a resolution of 1200 x 600 or greater. Kind of a nice effect to it.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.05.10

And finally here is a new video of the application skinning system as of tonight and a quick race.

Goldsprints FX – New Navigation Screen Shots

I have made some changes to the navigation system. All navigation is now at the top of the layout on all screens. Here are three shots to show the new system and layout.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.04.10
Opening Screen – A message is displayed that Serproxy was detected. There will get yet another update to this screen very soon to show a green check icon or a red X icon for connected and not connected. I also want to detect if the OpenSprints hardware is connected or now.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.04.10
Everyone’s favorite the Race screen – Race Screen is shown here with 4 racers ready to go. Distance is now in the top right of the button bar. All buttons have icons added. Looking pretty sharp I think.

Goldsprints FX - Screen Shots 01.04.10
Settings Screen – Small changes to the Settings screen. Getting ready to enable more settings for more user customization. The Save button is now on the top button bar to the right of the screen. Future functionality additions include nag screen if a setting is changed but not saved and the user tries to navigate away.

Alpha Screen Shots

Here are the latest alpha version screen shots of Goldsprints FX. Pretty happy with the UX right now. Still adding a few bells and whistles before I call the alpha done. The system is fully working. I will be posting a video very soon showing the application in action.

For now here are a few screen shots of the system in its alpha version.