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New Firmware Testing

I just wanted to give a quick update that I have started to test GFX with a new version of the Opensprints firmware. I have actually had this version of the Opensprints firmware in hand since April but have not had a chance to work with it. I am still hopeful that we can have a major GFX upgrade this summer yet.

The main focus of implementing the new firmware is to eliminate the dreaded race ties that many of you should be familiar with. Once that hurdle is eliminated I can then look at adding a few other requested features. I am not sure I have any specific requests documented but if you have any new feature requests feel free to post a comment below.

I should also have an update to the install instructions. The guys at Opensprints have been doing a great job of keeping those updated.

Goldsprints FX beta 2.1 is Released

Goldsprints FX beta 2.1Goldsprints FX beta 2.1. is out for members that have made a donation. Fixes and a few new features are included. Bugs were pretty minor if you knew how to work around them. I developed the delete functionality a little goofy. Thanks to the testers for finding the bug in the delete process. I have lots of ideas going off in my head after this 2.1 release. I wish I had more time to do some coding but this week is crazy busy for me with an event coming up on Saturday and my regular 9-5. Spending these late nights is wearing me down a little. Here are the four fixes and new features added.

  1. The Race button has been disables. Start all races from the Events button. The Race button will get removed entirely in next beta release.
  2. Fixed the issue with deleting racers when more than one was checked. This bug put the current checked counter out of sync. Now all racers checked will be deleted with the confirmation.
  3. Fixed a bug when adding new racers to the roster and you have some already checked. This put the current check count out of sync. Now the checked counter is reset and all checks removed.
  4. On the winners screen you can now race the same ones again or go right to the next race. No need to go back to the Events screen to get next race. Better presentation to the audience.

I have a few more features to add into beta 2 yet. Expecting public beta 2 release to be in about 2 weeks. Donating will get you into the beta testing sooner. Thanks again to everyone that has already donated.

I will get a video up as soon as I have more time that will show the new features in action.

Goldsprints FX Beta 2 Release Tonight

Tonight I will release the beta 2 version to donating members. Several of you have an event this weekend and are looking for some testing time prior to prime time. I too have an event this weekend so I will be doing some testing on my own gear and the beta 2 version. I have not loaded the beta 2 on my netbook yet. I will do that tonight but I don’t expect any issues. If you find any bugs in your testing let me know as soon as possible. I hope to be available to make some quick fixes for those hosting events this weekend. Use the Support link to post bugs or suggestions.

I think I have detailed most of the updates in the new version in previous posts. Check out the videos on how to use the rostering feature as well.

Thanks again to everyone that has donated. I hope you enjoy beta 2 and all the new features that have been added. This weekend will be a good test of beta 2 with three events, including my own, that should be using it. If all goes well I should release it to the general public in a week or two.

Beta Feedback

I am getting positive news from the initial beta testers. If you are testing please post your results of getting GFX installed and up and running. Especially on windows since I don’t have that OS to test on. I am sure your results will help future users.

If you get to do some testing take some photos. I would love to see them with your setup!

Thanks everyone!

First Live GFX Test

This coming Saturday I will be using Goldsprints FX in a live event. This will be the first test of the software in a real goldsprints event. As you know I have been testing the software over the past few weeks. The testing I have been doing is a race here, a race there using my family or myself as the racer. Never really testing with two real racers over numerous rounds of racing. Nothing like what you can expect in a real event. Hosting my first event will give me the testing I really need.

This should be the final testing before I feel good about an open beta. I should have 20 riders pretty easy. I am trying to keep the numbers low for the event but if I have a solid 15 people racing I will be happy. There will be no less than the top 3 bike clubs in the city in attendance. This is what I need to get people excited about goldsprints in my area. I am pretty excited and nervous with a few things to finish this week in order to be ready. I finally have all the goldsprints gear in place and running my events as Capital City Sprints. There is a bike update over at the Capital City website so stop over there and check it out.

One last thing, I am going to stream the event live on the web. If you want to know when and where you can watch the event post a comment here and subscribe to this post. If you want to watch the event go down live, I will comment back with the time and URL to access for the steam. It will be this Saturday starting around 7:30 PM.