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What is the format of your goldsprints events?

I have read a few posts around the web about how different groups run their goldsprint events. I am looking for some feedback on how you run your goldsprint events or how events you attend run.

One option seems to be to have a qualifying round that is for a length of time and not distance. In one case I saw 20 second qualifying heats. Then from the top 20 you start the tournament. So everyone get one race and you need to get in the top 20 to be in the tournament. That seems like a good way to run a event if you have a lot of racers.

Another option is just single elimination. People are pared up and if you lose you are out. That could have some issue if two of the best riders match up right away. I see some people getting upset in this case.

What are some other options? Do you use a winners and losers bracket maybe? Or one qualifing round then that makes up the seeding of how to pair your racers?

Please let me know what you prefer for a goldsprints event. Does your group do it another way? Please share and this will help me map out the race management part that has yet to be developed for Goldsprints FX.

Your feedback is much appreciated!

UPDATE: I have turned comments off on this post due to the amount of spam it is generating.