Looking for the latest Goldsprints FX software. There are several other components that you will need to get everything working. Everything you need to get started other than the hardware can be located on this page.

Adobe Flash and AIR
You need both the Adobe Flash 9+ player and Adobe AIR. If you do not already have either the Flash player or AIR installed click the links below

Flash Player: Download

Adobe AIR: Download

After installing the Flash player and AIR you need to get Serproxy running. I have detailed instructions about this setup. Please read Setup Page Part 1 of 2 and the Setup Page Part 2 of 2.

Serproxy is a serial proxy and allows the Arduino board to talk to Flash or other programs. Serial Proxy simply forwards data from a serial port to a network connection and vise-versa. Below you will find a Windows version, OS X Version and a version for Linux. The Window and OS X version are already compiled for you and ready to go. Just download to your desired location. For Ubuntu you will need to ‘make’ and install Serproxy. There are instructions in the compressed files to make and install on Ubuntu.

After you have Serproxy installed you need to configure the cfg file. You simply need to tell Serproxy what USB port you have your OpenSprints box connected to. See the FAQ for example cfg files to compare with your own and make sure you read the READ ME that is in the zip file you download.

Serproxy for Windows: (493)

Serproxy for OS X: (318)

Serproxy for Linux: serproxy-0.1.3.src.tar.gz (86) or (55)

Goldsprints FX

Before you download and try to install GFX you need a few other components. Please read the FAQ first and the details above. The last few versions are just incase you need to revert back a few versions.

Current Version:
Goldsprints FX 2.3: Goldsprints FX (4504)

Archived Versions:
Goldsprints FX v beta 2.2: Goldsprints FX (158)
Goldsprints FX v beta 2.1: Goldsprints FX (48)
Goldsprints FX v beta 2.0: Goldsprints FX (45)
Goldsprints FX v beta 1.0: Goldsprints FX (117)

Additional Files

This Photoshop file will allow you to skin the the clock face.
Clock Face Skin: Clock Face Skin (403)

This is an icon set of the GFX logo. Format is PNG and sizes are 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, and 128×128.
GFX Icon Set for Mac & Ubuntu: Icon Set (MAC) (154)
GFX Icon Set for Windows: Icon Set (Windows) (1034)

If you need additional help first check the FAQ. If that doesn’t help then post your question or issue to the Support system. You can also use the same form to post feature requests.

A front-end for the Opensprints hardware.

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