The FAQ will answers some of the more common questions about installation, customizing and running the Goldsprints FX system. Don’t forget you will need the OpenSprints hardware. If you can’t find what you need here check the forum or shoot me a question.



What operating systems are supported.

Where can I find the SQLite GFX database?


How do I add a custom skin to the interface?


What are the requirements to run Goldsprints FX?

You need to have the Adobe Flash 9+ player and Adobe Air. In addition to these you will also need serproxy Version 0.1.3. Please not that serproxy version 0.1.2 will not work. Make sure you have version 0.1.3.

Get the Flash player here.

Get AIR here.

Get Serproxy here.

In addition to the plugins and serproxy you need the OpenSprints hardward. Visit Opensprints for more information.

What is Goldsprints FX?


On OS X I get ls: /dev/cu.usb*: No such file or directory

How so I install Serproxy?

How do I install GFX?

A front-end for the Opensprints hardware.

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