Forum is Online

I am not entirely sure everything is setup. What I need you do to do is try and test a few posts to the forum. Right now Jonathan and I are the only admins. Give things a try. Plan to the use the forum as the way to get support, ask questions and make feature requests.

I remove the ticket system which was the “SUPPORT” link in the top navigation. “FORUM” is now linked above. If anyone has any troubles let me know.

New Support Forum & Development Updates

I am setting up a support forum tonight. I have been out of the loop the new month+. I can see that I need a better way to answer and let others answer questions about using and installing GFX. I also plan to pick back up development and get a new version out.

The new version will be developed to work with the latest version of the OpenSprints firmware. This means that everyone, including me, will have to update their hardware firmware. Full instructions will be posted to the forum and the blog to help you.

The big lift we are going to get out of the firmware update is eliminating the ties that can happen when races are very close. This is a timing issue and the inability to set the distance correctly in GFX. I am hoping the firmware will help and allow me to rewrite some of the GRX code in the process.

Stay tuned for more details on the forum and the development process.

A front-end for the Opensprints hardware.