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Beta Feedback

I am getting positive news from the initial beta testers. If you are testing please post your results of getting GFX installed and up and running. Especially on windows since I don’t have that OS to test on. I am sure your results will help future users.

If you get to do some testing take some photos. I would love to see them with your setup!

Thanks everyone!

Speed Calculation Bug

I am pretty sure my speed calculation is not correct. After looking at a few screen shots and video from Saturday’s event I decided to manually calculate the speed based on some of the racers display. Have a look at this screen shot.

The blue time was 19.078 over 400 meter. His speed was 74.77. That doesn’t seem right so I just broke down the calculation and if this is right then it is a bug that needs to be fixed.

400 Meters = 0.2485484768949336 Miles

19.078 Seconds = .005299444444444444 hours

0.2485484768949336 / .005299444444444444 = 46.900855268988417813259693384079 MPH

So assuming that is correct above his speed should be about 46.90 MPH not 74.77 MPH. This should be pretty easy to track down and fix. I have not tested the kilometer per hour to see if that is off as well.

I have gotten emails from several of you biting at the bit to start testing GFX. Sorry I have not replied. I have just been busy setting up my first event under Capital City Sprints for most of the last week.

Look for an update this week on the speed bug. After that I just need to get the beta to you guys. I am sure you will find more bugs or features you want to add.

Get a Jump on the Goldsprints FX beta

I have updated the Goldsprints FX download page. It now has links to the necessary plugins and applications to run GFX. But GFX is not net available for download.

You can get a jump on the beta by installing Flash, AIR and Serproxy now. This will also give you some time to get Serproxy running and edit the necessary CFG file that Serproxy needs to communicate with Flash. Visit the downloads page for more details.

Also, don’t forget to answer my bike color poll if you have not done so already.

Goldsprints FX Beta Release To-Do’s

Okay, here is my list of things that must be either fixed or added before I feel good about releasing a public beta version. Keep an eye on this post to see what gets crossed off or even added over the next few weeks. This will be a good indication of beta release progress.

Added 01.25.10

  • Race Clock Screen: Add additional degree markers to the clock display.
  • Settings Screen: Display always defaults to clock. Bar display saved setting is not working.
  • Settings Screen: Reflection is not saving. Always defaulting to off. Bug or feature?
  • Race Clock Display: Count down hidden by clock face.
  • Racer Screen: “Call It” Not working as expected. Race 1 always wins a called race.
  • Race Screen: Call It and Reset button bug. They are deactivated at the wrong times during race stops and access the settings screen. Ideally if race is in progress then, and only then, deactivate the Reset button. Reactivate it when race is not in progress.
  • Winner Screen: Add the winning time to the winner pop-up display.
  • Winner Screen: Make sure font color is mapped to the racer on the “Winner” text.
  • Race Screen: Remove the tick count from the bar graph final display.

Added 01.26.10

  • Clock Display: If number of racers is changed remove the circle of the needles. This is currently a bug since they do not get removed.

Goldsprints FX – Roller Testing

After picking up the CycleOps rollers from Rassy’s today I assembled them without much difficulty. None really. I just had to take the rollers out of the box, unfold them, move the front roller all the way forward, mount the fork stand, take the front wheel off my Swobo Sanchez and mount the bike to the rollers and swapped out my clip-in for some cages. A final adjustment of the fork stand and I was rolling. Pun intended!

Goldsprint Testing Goldsprint Testing Goldsprint FX Roller Testing

After a few spins I took the bike off and disassembled the roller frame. I had to remove the rear roller and mount my rare earth magnet to the plastic end for the drum. I used small screw and it mounted with out issue. I removed the rubber band off the drums since I don’t need when using the fork stand. I put the roller frame back together. Final task was to attach the OpenSprints hall sensor to the frame so it could pick up the passing of the rare earth magnet. I used one of my wife’s elastic hair things as a temporary way to keep the sensor from moving.

Goldsprints FX Roller Testing Goldsprints FX Roller TestingGoldsprint FX Roller Testing

Here are to quick screen shots of post race results from my testing tonight. I did a few solo races to tests everything out. I have some work to do on the rollers to get into sprinting shape! My Swobo is running 38/16 so I will probably go 38/18 if I have to use this bike for races. But I am hoping a sponsor to give up some frames or full bikes when the race time comes.

Goldsprints FX Roller Testing Goldsprints FX Roller Testing

All that is left now are a few tweaks to the interface of Goldsprints FX and I can release it as beta. I already have about 10 people/groups wanting to test the application. East coast, West coast and as far away a Italy are waiting on the beta. I can’t wait to see the bugs they find! If you would like to sign up for the beta see the previous post for instructions. You will also need to fill out this
to get in on the beta action.