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Goldsprints FX Beta Release To-Do’s

Okay, here is my list of things that must be either fixed or added before I feel good about releasing a public beta version. Keep an eye on this post to see what gets crossed off or even added over the next few weeks. This will be a good indication of beta release progress.

Added 01.25.10

  • Race Clock Screen: Add additional degree markers to the clock display.
  • Settings Screen: Display always defaults to clock. Bar display saved setting is not working.
  • Settings Screen: Reflection is not saving. Always defaulting to off. Bug or feature?
  • Race Clock Display: Count down hidden by clock face.
  • Racer Screen: “Call It” Not working as expected. Race 1 always wins a called race.
  • Race Screen: Call It and Reset button bug. They are deactivated at the wrong times during race stops and access the settings screen. Ideally if race is in progress then, and only then, deactivate the Reset button. Reactivate it when race is not in progress.
  • Winner Screen: Add the winning time to the winner pop-up display.
  • Winner Screen: Make sure font color is mapped to the racer on the “Winner” text.
  • Race Screen: Remove the tick count from the bar graph final display.

Added 01.26.10

  • Clock Display: If number of racers is changed remove the circle of the needles. This is currently a bug since they do not get removed.