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Capital City Sprints

Not much for code updates so far this week for Goldsprints FX. I had to take some time to setup my new goldsprints site for Des Moines, Iowa. I have called the group Capital City Sprints. Des Moines is the capital of Iowa if you have forgotten your capitals from grade school. This plays in nicely with the gold digger frames I ordered last week. Every capital dome is gold if you were not aware.

Check out Capital City Sprints at http://www.capitalcitysprints.com.

We are having a testing event on Jan. 20th so Goldsprints FX will have it very first live event. I am limiting the event to about 12 bike friends. I don’t expect any hiccups but you never know. Keeping my fingers crossed. I think we will stream the event live on UStream so check back for details if you want to watch us on the web live.