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More Grudge Match Roster Updates

This is the latest version of the grudge match rostering. Pretty happy with progress so far. Still work to do. Nothing is persistent so no database on the back end yet. But you can see the current functionality in this video. Major things to do yet are…

– database, so data is persistent.
– tabbing between all options.
– number of racers per race to be controlled by the ‘Number of Racers’ setting on the Settings screen. So if you have only two bikes you can’t add more than two racers per race.
– Putting the hooks in so that the race screens see the roster data and show racer’s names.
– And much more…

Thanks to Greg from the Adobe Flex forums for help on some the roster functionality. Capital City Sprints has a goldsprints event on the 27th. My goal is to have the rostering in place so I can actually use it that event.

Grudge Match Progress

It is a start…

This is the start of the grudge match feature in Goldsprints FX. Right now you can add names and sex to the roster, sort the list on both name and sex, and remove names from the list. I am having a hard time figuring out how I want to create the races from the roster list. Thus, both the check boxes and the arrow (>) buttons for each person on the roster.

New Poll – How Many Bikes?

As I release the beta tonight my mind is switching to the grudge match functionality. I am going to be modeling it off the OpenSprints setup with possibly a few twists of my own to the process. I personally run a 2 bike setup at Capital City Sprints. I am thinking of developing the grudge system to support two bikes right out the gate. But that leaves out the 3 and 4 bike groups. I am not sure if that many people run a 3 or 4 bike system. So to help me decide what path to go down I have a new poll for everyone.